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New School Year and Concerts

The new school year is almost upon us again and back to school means lots of new and existing music students will need suitable sheet music for the new school term leading up to Christmas concerts. We provide 5 different compilations of duets, available for piano with a choice of many different solo instruments. We think our duets make an ideal solution for most school music concerts or church concerts, as well as good school term music study material. They are also available as easy solo music pieces for an individual instrument. If you need music for a solo performance at your school concert, follow this link to "easy solo music pieces" - they come with recorded accompaniment. Student players and tutors alike may wish to purchase these easy duets now as resources for rehearsal in the new school term leading towards Christmas concerts.

Easy Music Duet Compilations Easy Duets Listening Page

(If you are looking for solo pieces, these are available from "easy solo music pieces" and come with recorded play-along accompaniment).

All compilations of duets for sale are on current offer priced at 5.99 complete. Compilations consist of 6 duets and come supplied as sheet music for the entire scores, the separate piano parts and the separate instrument parts.

We think that this represents very good value for money as, because there are 6 duets in each compilation, this not only gives a good choice from which to pick duets for music study, but also supplies you with duets for concerts, etc. for Christmas and throughout the year.

If you would like to place an order please...ORDER HERE