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Easy Guitar and Piano Duets

guitar and piano duetsThese original sheet music duets are created for a solo guitar with piano. The easy guitar and piano duets can be played by a music student on piano as well as the guitar and requires a similar level of early music skill for both, so they are ideally suited for any students to play without the need for a tutor on piano to be present. However, they are written with musical notation, not tablature, for the guitarist, playing single-note melodic lines. You will need to know the basics of reading notation as the guitar parts do not include chords or chord symbols as they are intended to encourage guitarists to read musical notation. Although the parts often show the instrument as "Acoustic Guitar" they are just as suitable for an Electric Guitar. Each duet is categorised in the easy guitar music section of the 'Listen to the Duets' page.

Easy Music Duet Compilations Easy Duets Listening Page

(If you are looking for solo pieces, these are available from "easy guitar music pieces" and come with recorded accompaniment).

All compilations of guitar and piano duets for sale are currently on offer priced at 5.99 complete. Compilations consist of 6 duets and come supplied as sheet music for the entire scores, the separate piano parts and the separate guitar parts.

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